Kori Krill Superior Omega-3

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❤️@Korikrilloil superior Omega-3
* Omega-3s are essential nutrients most of us are deficient in because we don’t eat enough fish. Choose your Omega-3s wisely!
* Kori Krill Oil 1200MG is a superior Omega-3 because it has the most phospholipids for superior absorption compared to other Omega-3 brands available at Costco
* 1, 1200mg softgel of Kori Pure Antarctic Krill Oil provides as much EP & DHA as in 2 servings of fish! ( As recommended by USDA weekly guidelines)
* Backed by science, krill oil is a Doctor recommended Omega-3 source clinically proven to raise Omega -3 levels
* Kori pure Antarctic krill oil has no fishy aftertaste or burps [icon]

?Available in select cities in these Costco states below! Look for these in the vitamins/supplements section of your local Costco warehouse!
?New Jersey
?New York
?Washington DC
✈️North Carolina
?South Carolina
?Northern California

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