Loma Linda Greek Bowl


?Delicious plant-based @LomaLinda_Brand Greek Bowl with chickpeas, olive oil and brown rice is now available at @Costco warehouses in the Midwest for only $11.99 for box of 6-10oz pouches!
?@LomaLinda_Brand Greek Bowls
* Loma Linda Greek Bowl offers taste of Greece in a shelf-stable, completely plant-based meal solution made with brown rice, chickpeas, sundried tomatoes, olives and capers – brought together with a zest of lemon and a touch of extra virgin olive oil.
* It comes in convenient, heat-and-eat pouches that can be ready in 60 seconds.
* Tasty, nutritious, no trans-fat, no artificial preservatives, non- GMO and gluten free!
* Each complete meal is microwave friendly and made with 100% plant-based protein. With Loma Linda, you don’t have to sacrifice taste or health when you’re pressed for time.
@LomaLinda_Brand Greek Bowls are a true pantry staple that today’s families can conveniently incorporate into their menus, and is available at a family-friendly value
?Available in Midwest Costco warehouses!
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