Safeguard Liquid Hand Soap

??Keep washing those hands! NEW huge 40oz @Costco size bottle of @SafeGuardSoap Liquid Hand Soap is on sale for $3 off NOW only $3.99!! #ad.?Available in @Costco warehouses nationwide! Promotional #deal ends 11/30! Also available online on in a 4-pack for $12 off now only $17.99 and includes shipping and handling if you can’t make it to a warehouse!.? @SafeGuardSoap• Washes away bacteria to keep your […]

Home and Body Holiday Greetings Hand Soap

???Home and body #holiday greetings #handsoap! Only $9.99 for 4 21.5oz bottles! ?Found at Aloha OR @costco! #costcodeals #costco #handsoaps #holidayseason View this post on Instagram A post shared by COSTCO DEALS (@costcodeals)

SafeGuard Liquid Hand Soap

? Keep washing those hands! NEW @SafeGuardSoap Liquid Hand Soap is now available in a huge 40oz bottle in @Costco warehouses nationwide for only $6.99 each and also online on in a 4 pack for $29.99 and includes shipping and handling! #ad.?@SafeGuardSoap Liquid Hand Soap• Washes away bacteria to keep your family healthy!• This soap contains Micellar deep cleansing technology […]

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