Top Dec/Jan 2024 Savings Book CostcoDeals

With the last savings book of 2023 going into the new year of 2024, check out our Top Dec/Jan 2024 Costco Savings Book CostcoDeals! If you haven’t yet had a chance to take a look at the new savings book, click HERE now!

Beast Health Blending System #3333008

We’ve heard some pretty good things about this blender and may need to grab one on our next trip to Costco or can also purchase it on With $30 off, that’s a pretty good deal that includes the Beast Blender, 3 Vessels, 3 Storage Lids, 2 Drinking Lids, and 2 Carry Caps, which would garner additional costs on their official website.

Liquid IV

If you’ve never tried Liquid IV, then now’s the time as it’s on sale for $8 off. Go with their hydration multiplier in multiple flavors or get a boost of energy with their energy multiplier in a yummy yuzu pineapple flavor. Also available on

Kohler Trash Can #2323044

Needing a new trash can? Then grab this Kohler 45L Step Trash Can in store or online at for $15 off. Nice and easy with a quiet, close lid and a removable plastic liner.

Poppi #1713756, #1766290

Cravings shouldn’t be a crime, that’s why you should try these Poppi Prebiotic Sodas. Comes in 2 different variety packs and you get all the feels of a soda, but with only 5g of sugar, 25 calories or less, and prebiotics for your gut, plus on sale for $5 off.

Bibigo Korean Style Crunchy Chicken #1671456

We are definitely eyeing these for our next trip to Costco! We have loved almost everything Bibigo has made so far that’s been available in Costco, so definitely excited to try these Korean Style Crunchy Chicken with Sweet & Spicy Sauce. On sale now for $4.50 off.

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