Mush Overnight Oats

Saw these Mush Overnight Oats at Costco and thought, “ooh that looks interesting and tasty”. Now we see it again at Costco and its on sale in this months savings book for $3 off and that makes it even more interesting!

What’s so special about Mush Overnight Oats compared to others? Well, these Mush Overnight Oats are plant-based, protein rich, good fiber, gluten free, dairy free, artificial flavor & color free, preservative free, and filler free with less than 8 natural ingredients! Take it and eat anywhere you need to fill up and continue on with your day. The 8pk variety pack comes with 3 yummy flavors of strawberry, vanilla bean, and blueberry packed with 5-6g of protein and 4-5g of fiber. Our kids seem to enjoy the taste, plus we also love that there is no added sugar.

What do you think of these Mush Overnight Oats? Have you tried them yet? Might be the new go to breakfast? Let us know!

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