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On our last trip to Costco, we saw some great and new items that you need or should try out! Check them out below now and let us know if you want more CostcoDeals like this!

Chef IQ Wireless Thermometer Set

Enjoy perfectly cooked food every time with this thermometer set by Chef IQ! Perfect for oven, grill, stove, smoker, souse vide, air fryer, or deep fryer. Includes 2 probes and Smart Hub with built-in speaker for live alerts. Grab it now for $99.99 for your BBQs this season!

Elle Deluxe 10 PC Makeup Brush Collection

Never run out of brushes again and grab this 10 PC Makeup Brush Sett from Elle. A great gift for your loved one all perfectly packed!

Rinsekit Pro

This is such a cool product! This portable shower kit is great for on the go adventures and great with messy kids/pets to rinse off. Boasts a 3.5 gallon tank, 6ft long hose, and 50 PSI spray that plugs in to a 12 volt outlet. Add it to your cart now for only $189.99!

Link 2 Home Cord Reel

This is a great upgrade to your older cord reel at home! Has 4 sockets with a power switch right on it and a durable metal steel drum. Need to grab one of these when I head back to Costco next time!

IGLOO Electric Cooler

Coolers these days have just gotten…uh… cooler! This IGLOO cooler needs no ice and runs like a little refrigerator or freezer. Just set your temperature with the digital display and can plug in either a AC or DC power as needed without worry. No longer deal with soggy food or carry that extra weight from the ice every time. It’s not cheap per say, but its definitely an upgrade to the everyday cooler at $699.99.

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