Latest CostcoDeal Finds!

Been seeing a lot of new Costco items lately and some great CostcoDeals too! Check out below some our favorite CostcoDeal Finds recently!

Solo Stove Pizza Oven #1841910

At first we thought this was a Solo Stove with a weird opening on the side, but turns out that opening is to make pizza! This Gas Pizza Oven by Solo Stove uses demi-dome heating to cook pizza in under 90 seconds! This bundle includes 12″ peel, IR thermometer, plus a cover to protect from the elements. Grab one now for $319.99

Rio Swinging Hammock Chair #1654445

It’s great to see these chairs stocked all the time, as before it was always sold out almost instantly! A great update to a normal outdoor chair that is fun to sit in too. Grab it now for $10 off, now only $39.99!

Danskin Ladies Lightweight Legging #1757052

Who needs more leggings? Danskin has some nice leggings for only $9.99 after $3 off! Comes in black, pink, and a royal blue.

Miracle Grow Gardening Set with Seeds #1740040

How cute is this little gardening set?! For kids ages 3+ years with tools for small hands! Comes with 23 total pieces pictured and 6 packets of seeds to start your own little flower bed!

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