October 2023 Costco Savings Book! 9/27-10/22

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New CostcoDeals Finds: August 2023

On our last trip to Costco, we found some new CostcoDeals items that we haven’t seen before. Let’s check it out! 🍣 Norwegian Salmon Sashimi Found this salmon sashimi in the fridge aisle from Wixter Norwegian that looks pretty good! For $19.99 you get two 6oz trays sashimi plus soy sauce and wasabi. Just thaw […]

New Food Court Items at Costco

New additions are showing up now at our favorite discounted food court menu at Costco! How it usually goes is after shopping and of course over spending on amazing items, we then stroll past that beloved food court and are tempted by our favorite discounted food items. Now we can be tempted by two new […]

Why the Costco Hot Dog Remains at $1.50 Since Forever

Costco’s famous $1.50 hot dog combo is near-legendary status among loyal members and shoppers. But have you ever wondered why this delicious treat has never seen a price increase? The answer lies in Costco’s commitment to value and customer satisfaction, plus they probably wouldn’t want an uproar with their members. Costco has kept the hot […]

🍪 simplyFUEL at Costco!

😋NEW DELICIOUSNESS FOR LOS ANGELAS REGION + SO GOOOD!!! 🍪TASTES LIKE COOKIE DOUGH! simplyFUEL Protein Balls ~$10.99 🍪 are NOW available at ALL LOS ANGELES Region Costco Warehouses (+ 🌺 Hawaii)!   💖 LOVE that simplyFUEL is a woman-owned business in Costco! Mitzi Dulan, the founder and owner was the team sports dietitian for the Kansas City Royals. She made them for […]

Cookout Costco Style!

🔥 There’s no style better than Costco-Style when it comes to a cookout! From grilling some baby back pork ribs and smoking up chicken sausage, to munchin down on some savory chips and dip, and indulging in some sweet treats such as Melona Dessert Bars, you need these essentials for the upcoming July 4th BBQ […]

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