Sushi Counters in Costco!

The Costco retailer is looking to expand its fresh food selection to Kirkland Signature sushi counters! With its first trial located in Issaquah, Washington, CFO Richard Galanti said it has been such a win that Costco has two more planned sushi counters to open in the very near future, although unsure of the locations.

Several Asian countries have had in-house sushi counters for years, so it looks to be to a good idea to expand into more US warehouses. Costco already sells pre-packaged sushi platters that contain a variety of rolls such as: California roll pack, a salmon lover pack, and other mixed varieties including a Ahi tuna poke. We personally enjoy that salmon lovers pack and is pretty good and a good bang for your buck!

We don’t think it will be like a high end sushi or like an omakase experience, but should be freshly made and rolled in warehouse, unlike other stores where they are premade or comes from a distributor. To us, feels like it will be a great option for a quick bite, plus will be a good value.

What do you think? Have you had a chance to try the sushi so far at your Costco? Excited for this new sushi counter experience?

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