Best Snacks To Try At Costco!

We love having our pantry filled with snacks ready-to-go at home and we’ve seen so many new snacks to munch on at Costco! Check them out below! Have you tried these yet?

Late July Hawaiian Habanero

These Late July tortilla chips are so good! Slightly sweet with a kick of spice is what you are getting if you want to add this to your cart! Grab it now for only $6.99.

Wilde Protein Chips

Looking to get some gains while eating chips? Well Wilde Protein Chips might be for you! These Buffalo Style Crispy Chips are crafted from real ingredients including chicken breast, egg white, and chicken bone broth, plus 10g of protein per serving! Try it for $8.99.

Honey Smoked Fish Salmon Stackers

Sometimes you need more of that heftier snack to get you through and we tried a sample of these Honey Smoke Salmon Stackers and was actually really tasty. The lemon chive spread works really well with the salmon and crackers and is great for an extra punch of protein for the day.

Albanese Chocolate Gummi Bears

If you haven’t had these chocolate gummi bears then what are you waiting for?? So good that we bought 2 bags. They are milk chocolate covered gummy bears with gummi bear flavors of strawberry-banana, cherry, marshmallow, pineapple, and orange.

Sonoma Creamery Tomato Basil Pizza Crisps

These Tomato Basil Pizza Crisps are super crunchy! This bite-sized snack packs delicious pizza flavor crafted with mozzarella and seasoned with tomato, basil, garlic. Yum! Plus has 13g protein per serving.

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