Costco Cookie Replacing The Churro!

Recent Costco news have been shared and going around that Costco is switching out the churros in 2024 from their food court and replacing them with a new treat, Double Chocolate Chunk Cookies! With this recent news, there has been many mixed reviews about the beloved churro leaving the Costco Food Court menu. Some of […]

Forklift Driver to New CEO of Costco!

There’s a new face for the job of CEO of Costco as current CEO Craig Jelinek is stepping down. New Costco CEO Ron Vachris was previously the president and chief operating officer of Costco, among many other hats he has worn in the company, such as forklift driver. Costco confirmed that Vachris has been working […]

🇮🇹 Roncadin Mushroom Truffle Pizza

We just tried this brand new Roncadin Mushroom Truffle Pizza from Costco in the freezer aisle, as we usually scout new easy dinners for our family. The Roncadin Mushroom Truffle Pizza comes in a 3ct and is presumed to have been baked on lava stone in a wood-fire oven. Consists of a base of garlic […]

New Food Court Items at Costco

New additions are showing up now at our favorite discounted food court menu at Costco! How it usually goes is after shopping and of course over spending on amazing items, we then stroll past that beloved food court and are tempted by our favorite discounted food items. Now we can be tempted by two new […]

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