Costco Deals Summer Finds!

Check out some of our Summer Finds we saw at Costco this past week and give us a follow on TikTok for more deals and finds like these ūüėĄ @costcodeals ‚ėÄÔłŹHott #Summer Finds! #costcodeals #costco #costcofinds #costcotiktok #fyp #yard #bbq #cooler #outdoor #splash #go ‚ô¨ As It Was – Harry Styles

Kind Refrigerated Nut Butter Bars

?Looking for a delicious protein packed snack? Then try these¬†@KindSnacks¬†Refrigerated Nut Butter Bars that are a healthy and tasty snack you and your family will love! Now available for only $15.49 in select cities and NEW at¬†@costco¬†warehouses! Ingredients you can see and pronounce¬ģ¬†#ad.?@KindSnacks¬†Refrigerated Nut Butter Bars??Made with less than 9 ingredients!??Packed with 12-14 grams of […]

JoJo’s Guilt Free Chocolate

?Kick your sugar cravings with¬†@JoJos¬†guilt free chocolaty goodness that is now available in¬†new select¬†@Costco¬†warehouse locations in California, Texas, Louisiana, Colorado, Arizona, New Mexico, Ohio, Oklahoma, Illinois, Iowa, Indiana, Michigan, Kentucky, Kansas, Missouri & Wisconsin (200+ Total)! Only $9.99 for¬†14 guilt free chocolate bars!¬†.?@JoJos¬†ChocolateBark* JOJO‚Äôs Original Chocolate bars are 100% delicious, low-sugar, premium dark chocolate bars […]

4505 Meats Classic Chili and Salt Chicharrones

?@4505MEATS¬†Classic Chili and Salt flavor Chicharrones are on sale right now in this month’s January Costco Savings Book for $2 off now only $4.79 for a huge¬†@Costco¬†sized bag!¬†#Deal¬†‚Ä™ends 1/24! Available nationwide!.?¬†@4505Meats¬†Pork Rinds are:* Made from Humanely and Sustainably Raised pork* Have perfectly balanced flavors created by chef and butcher Ryan Farr* Paleo Certified, Keto Friendly […]

That’s It Mini Fruit Bars

??NEW Delicious¬†@ThatsIt¬†Mini Fruit Bars are the new go to healthy snack you can take anywhere! Comes in a variety pack that will for sure make you wanting more! Only $13.99 for a bag of 24! Now nationwide in¬†@Costco¬†warehouses!¬†#ad‚ÄĘ?@ThatsIt¬†Mini Fruit Bars*Only 2 ingredients of fruit + fruit to make eating healthy snacks easy and stress free*Just […]

Brazi Bites Gluten Free Cheddar and Parmesan Brazilian Cheese Bread Bites

???Tis the season to munch on one of our favorite go to snacks! These warm and delicious¬†@BraziBites¬†Gluten Free Cheddar and Parmesan Brazilian Cheese Bread Bites are now stocked in your¬†@Costco¬†warehouse freezers just in time to share with your friends and family!.?Pop these yummy Brazilian cheese bread bites into an oven or¬†#airfryer¬†and you‚Äôll have instant joy […]

Sea Temple Snacks Shredded Squid

Exciting to see all the new unique items coming into @Costco like these Sea Temple Snacks Shredded Squid! Found for $9.99 at the ?Issaquah, Wa location! #costco #costcodeals #seatemplesnacks View this post on Instagram A post shared by COSTCO DEALS (@costcodeals)

Haldiram Khatta Meetha Snacks

? NEW¬†@HaldiramInternational¬†crunchy dry snack mix is now available in¬†@Costco¬†warehouses in the Northern East Region! See a list of available cities below!.?This snack is a perfect blend of lip smacking savory, sweet and sour (namkeen) flavors made up of a¬†blend of chickpea flour noodles, Rice Flakes, Green Peas, and Peanuts mixed in with some flavorful spices […]

Mrs Prindables Chocolate & Caramel Dipped Pretzels

NEW @mrsprindables 24 #chocolatedipped and caramel #pretzel rods for $12.99! Found ?Aloha OR @costco! Check your local store for availability! #costcodeals #costco #pretzelrods View this post on Instagram A post shared by COSTCO DEALS (@costcodeals)

Unreal Dark Chocolate Coconut Mini Bars

3? simple? ingredients?¬† and¬†51% less sugar [email protected]¬†Dark Chocolate Coconut Minis are clean, delicious treats, with way less sugar than the leading brand ?.??These bars are certified vegan, gluten-free, fair-trade, non-GMO, and they taste absolutely unreal ?¬†.?Find¬†@unreal.snacks¬†Dark Chocolate Coconut Minis in¬†@Costco¬†warehouses nationwide for just $9.89 throughout November!.#ad¬†#unrealsnacks¬†#costcodeals¬†#costco¬†#darkchocolate¬†#coconut¬†#vegan¬†#glutenfree¬†#fairtrade¬†#nongmo View this post on Instagram A post shared by […]

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