Costco’s Unmatched Return Policy: Do You Know What You Can Return?

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One of the many reasons why Costco has gained a devoted following is because of its amazing return policy. Costco’s return policy goes above and beyond industry standards, offering an exceptional level of customer satisfaction. Their commitment to ensuring customer satisfaction is evident in their generous and hassle-free return policy.

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Costco Return Policy Sign

Costco allows customers to return almost any product at any time for a full refund. This policy applies both for in-store and online purchases, making it incredibly convenient for customers to initiate returns. However there are some exceptions to their great return policy.

  • Electronics: accepts return within 90 days (from the date the member received their item)
  • Diamonds: 1.00ct or larger returns must include all original paperwork/certificates, then within 48 hours, will receive inspection for authenticity from a Costco Graduate Gemologist
  • Cigarrettes and alcohol: no returns on either where prohibited by law
  • Items with limited useful life expectancy, like tires and batteries, may be sold with product specific limited warranty
  • Custom or special order kiosk products cannot be returned/refunded, unless warranty repair/replacement due to failure to meet specifications
  • Airline, Live Performance Event, Gold Bars, and Gold Bullion cannot be refunded

In a retail landscape where returns can be a frustrating and complicated process, Costco’s return policy sets a great example of exceptional customer service. It’s just one more reason why loyal Costco members keep coming back, knowing that their satisfaction is guaranteed.

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